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Muscial  "Notes"  as  Told  in  Your Own Words ...

Poem By: Cheryl D. S. Walker
April 12, 2002
St. Louis, Missouri

She is Music
(For Sweet Baby J’ai)


personification of bluejazzmic chords
sultriness upholding heaven’s stars
she’s blues dipped
jazz coated
healing herbed
& griot tongued


sensuality dancing in the breeze
molding marvelous melodies
while gliding on Charlie Parker’s bop
& Joe Williams’ wings
she’s draped in McRae’s verbalistic dexterity
& Sonia Sanchez’s brilliance & ingenuity


ubiquitous, exquisite & free
dispersing romantic riffs
& lyrical flatted fifths
her soothing passion caresses your dreams as
bluenotes swing in your veins
she’s a musical magician


blues dipped
jazz coated
healing herbed
& griot tongued





Jazz in the Modern Era Listener


Sultry, Melodic!  !!!   that's my impression of this artist!!  She appears to have a very inspirational attitude toward life.  It was wonderful also, hearing how she wrote her songs...dashing to the piano in the middle of the night!  Please play more of her music, she's fabulous!  Someone promised to contact me with regard to the title of her latest CD! 

Shirelle -- KJAZ Listener


"I didn't think I liked jazz until I heard Sweet.  Thanks for the discovery"

New Jazz Fan, Tamara - St Louis, MO

"S.B.J. is so of the greats today"

Jim - Nasa

"I heard you coming over the airwaves in a restaurant and asked the manager , "Who is that?".  He showed me your CD.   I just want you to know that I have never sought out a voice ,  until your honey gold tones!  Thanks Sweet Baby J'ai.  Let me know  when to expect another CD."

Nicole - New York, NY


"Just to let you know that, by coincidence, I turned on the radio and heard the ducet voice of J'ai on KLON this morning.  Her distinctive timbre was immediately identifiable after only a couple of words. "Hey, that's J'ai!", I thought to myself.  Honey on bisquits coudn't be sweeter..."

Phil - Los Angeles,CA




"The first time I saw you was in Tokyo on New Year's Eve, the next time was in New York, then that little wonderful jazz club in Venice, Italy, ...guess what, we're coming to Los Angeles.  We can't get enough of you.  We love your music and your beautiful spirit!

Melanie Hart - London, UK


"Like a good neighbor Sweet Babe is there...we had no idea that you would be in Denver in our own neighborhood.  What a wonderful surprize!  We've been telling friends about you and they finally got a chance to see for themselves.  Thank you for what you give."

Louis and Louise, Denver CO

"We saw you on the recent OLIVIA cruise...

You blew us out of the water! We did not know what to expect.  What a voice.  What an entertainer! And so beautiful!"                 

Wende - Atlanta GA


"I bought years ago "the art of blue" a little bit by accident in a parisian cd store, and even though I'm not a huge jazz enthousiast, I've kept the cd with me through the years, mostly because I couldn't get over this wonderful bluesy voice, so clear and giving out emotions so subtly. Iv' got yet to get "evolution" but I'm sure I won't be disappointed. Sweet Baby J'ai, if you read this, please come and play in Paris, jazz is always welcome here. Take good care anyway and continue to sing so beautifully." 

Ivar Kjellberg

Paris, France

"What a great album this Evolution ... this girl is fantastic and very special, if you ask me." 

Frank Van Engelen-Bluesiana  The Netherlands


"Thank you so much! Your CDs are running on the rotation playlist on the SmoothVibes radio channel....The Art Of Blue is a fantastic track!"

Harry Melchior (SwissGroves) Switzerland


I" heard you on the radio and bought your music.  I love both your cds.  When are you coming out with another one?  I'll be first in line!"

Dr. Tomas Watson, Kingston Jamaica


"My friend turned me on to CD Baby and I've found some great music - one song in particular by Sweet Baby J'ai is The Art of Blue about that Kansas City Black woman with her hands on her hips - great song.  Thanks."                               

Linda, KCMO


"I didn't know I liked jazz until I heard Sweet Baby J'ai!  She makes it fun to listen to and her history lesson made me run out to see what I've been missing.  Thanks for broadening my horizons!  When are you coming down under?"

Jeff Olson, Sdyney Australia


"What a show! It was one of the finest evenings of music I have enjoyed in many years ."

Pam - Los Angeles,CA


"Keep your songs flowing, they make me think.  Thank you."

John   - Philadelphia, PA


"The poem, "She is Music" is absolutely wonderful. Hats off to Cheryl Walker."

Lisa  - Riverside, CA

"They're playing you like crazy here in Little Rock. When are you coming our way? Your version of Nature Boy sends me home, Meet Me With Your Black Drawers On is rockin' and Summertime on Central Avenue slays me. I love the whole CD. "

Sheryl Ann  - Little Rock, AK

"I heard your CD on the radio and searched the web for you. I'm glad I found you...I love your site and your music!"

John - Atlanta, GA

"I've got one word for you. DIVA! Thanks for your music and your soul."     Richard  - Boston, MA



To all of you out there in the world

listening and supporting my music...

thank you a thousand times for your encoruagement and support.  I  have been fortunate enough to meet jazz lovers from all over the globe and I want you all to know that I feel you and I do hear you and I can not tell you how much it means to me to have your encouraging words...thank you!."  

Sweet Baby J'ai

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