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SMARTS Initiative

SMARTS (Sharing Music, Accessing Resources, Transforming Students) is a program dedicated to providing instruments to underprivileged youth in the Coachella Valley who are enrolled in a music program.

Imagine a world where young Maya, once unable to afford a violin, now fills the concert hall with her soul-stirring melodies. Our SMARTS Initiative provides musical instruments for underprivileged youth.


Kids in our some of our music programs in the school district must turn in their instruments after class. We want to change that. Having an instrument readily available allows them to continue practicing and keep their musical passion ignited. Music is more than just fun. It sparks brainpower, helps kids express themselves, and builds those crucial social skills. These translate into better grades, teamwork, and a strong "I can do this!" attitude. Music can even pave the way out of poverty by opening doors to better schools and fostering the discipline needed to succeed in life. Your support makes this transformative journey possible. By joining our mission, you're not just donating; you're investing in the future of music, unlocking hidden potential in every child. Partner with us to write a symphony of hope and possibility. 


Our Rising Star Awardees, Zion and DiMaya!

Support A Great Cause And Donate Today!!   

Fiscal Sponsor Non-Profit 501c3 Tax Information

Strait Knot Productions

1271 Solana Trail, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Federal Tax ID: #92-2510473


Please make checks payable to Strait Knot Productions

Memo line: For Sunset Music Series


SMARTS Initiative: Instrument Ownership Program

Download and email the completed application to our team if you're interested in our SMARTS program!  A representative from SMARTS will contact you within two weeks to discuss your eligibility and next steps

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