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March is
Women's History Month
with the L-Fund on March 9th!

Tickets and more information 



I'm truly honored to be recognized with the L-Fund Visionary Award alongside Judy Dlugacz and Shann Carr. This acknowledgment represents a collective celebration of our shared vision for positive change. A heartfelt thanks to L-Fund for this meaningful recognition. Let's persist in our efforts for a brighter, more inclusive future.

Now, let's talk about the event—it's going to be phenomenal! I've curated an exceptional lineup: Sweet Baby J'ai Presents, the Soulful Sirens—a Women in Soul All-Star Revue. Brace yourselves for a captivating experience with B-Steady, a queer pop composer, and storyteller. Additionally, we have the incredible talents of "The Voice" Contestant, vocalist/pianist Marisa Corvo, recording artist Maya Sha’von, bassist Megan Steiner, drummer Chrissy Rass, guitarist Roseanne Aldrete, saxophonist Ruri Matthews, and trumpeter Tatiana Tate. Together, they promise a night of dynamic performances that will have you on your feet, immersed in unforgettable entertainment.

Guiding us through this incredible journey is the witty and hilarious comedian Mina Hartong, our emcee for the night. It's not just about the music—it's a night of gambling, sipping on your favorite drinks, hitting the dance floor, and enjoying top-notch entertainment, all in support of a fantastic cause! Get ready for a night you won't want to miss!

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April is Jazz History Month

Divas of Desert Postcard 2024 w_Eve.jpg

Revolution Stage Company

Performing arts theater in Palm Springs

611 S Palm Canyon Dr Suite 16, Palm Springs, CA


Get ready for an unforgettable evening of vocal fireworks with the Divas of the Desert on April 7th! The Revolution Stage Company will be transformed into a symphony of soul as these powerhouse performers sing gospel, blues, jazz, and more, promising to melt your heart and maybe even blow your hair back. Yet, this event is more than just entertainment; it's a chance to ignite the musical dreams of underprivileged youth through our Sharing Music, Accessing Resources, Transforming Students: SMARTS initiative. Join us for a night of incredible music and making a positive impact on young lives.

The Revolution Stage Company sets the perfect stage for an enchanting night filled with the soulful and captivating sounds of jazz. Don't just attend; immerse yourself in an experience featuring the Divas of the Desert, a musical powerhouse that boasts more talent on one stage than any music lover can handle. Brace yourself for a transcendent journey through genres and boundaries – as the saying goes, "Don't hurt nobody!" So mark the date and prepare to be swept away by the enchanting melodies and electrifying energy of the Divas of the Desert.


This is a night you can't afford to miss! Bring your friends and your love for music, and let the rhythm unite us at 6:45 pm! Mark your calendars and get ready to celebrate International Jazz Day in style. Tickets are available now – secure yours for an evening that promises to be extraordinary. Sweet Baby J’ai presents an All-Star line-up that includes Cheryl Bentyne, Cynthia Thomas, Eve Holmes, Keisha D, Leanna Rodgers, Melba Miller, Patrice Morris, Rose Mallett, and Yve Evans!


May is the Month for Mothers -
Whether you are a mother or came from one,
Celebrate with a Special Mother's Day
Soulful Jazz Brunch Concert  on
May 12th

Mother's Day Flyer - Sunset Music.jpg

Vicky's of Sante Fe

45-100 Club Dr, Indian Wells, CA 92210

Tickets on Sale February 14th

Celebrate the Extraordinary Women (or Anyone Who Holds a Motherly Place in Your Heart) with Soulful Jazz & Sparkling Delight at Vicky's of Santa Fe!  Tickets on Sale February 14th. Tickets to this  special Mother's Day Soulful Jazz Brunch is the  perfect Valentines Day gift!

Imagine a warm afternoon where a face glows with delight as soothing, soulful jazz washes over them, transporting them to a world of serenity and joy. Let the vibrant melodies resonate with their heart, creating a connection deeper than words. That's the power of music combined with the power of love!   This Mother's Day, treat anyone who embodies the spirit of motherhood, or even indulge in some self-care, with an unforgettable brunch experience at Vicky's of Santa Fe in Indian Wells!

Immerse yourselves in an afternoon of:

  • Soulful Jazz Delights: Angie Wells joins the Women in Jazz All-Stars featuring Sunnie Paxson and some of the best musicians on the West Coast! 

  • Delectable Brunch Fare: Vicky's chefs have crafted a mouthwatering brunch menu that perfectly complements the soulful music, offering a delightful culinary journey to kickstart your afternoon.

  • Sparkling Joy & Toasts: Raise a glass  to the incredible women (or anyone who embodies that nurturing spirit) who shape our lives. Let the joyous clinking of champagne glasses create a heartwarming atmosphere for this special occasion.

  • Treat yourself to a delightful escape, creating moments that will stay with you forever.

  • Unforgettable Brunch Memories: More than just a meal, this afternoon promises cherished memories. Celebrate your love and gratitude, or simply treat yourself to a delightful escape, creating moments that will stay with you forever.

Three reasons that you don't want to miss this event:

  • Indulge in the gift of soul-stirring jazz and delectable brunch fare.

  • Create lasting memories with someone special, or treat yourself to a well-deserved afternoon out.

  • Experience the magic excellent music, a vibrant atmosphere, and delicious food.

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Hold the Dates:
Nov 9th & 10th, 2024

Sweet Baby J'ai Presents A Night of Music & Comedy




Mark your calendars, music and comedy lovers! Sweet Baby J'ai Presents the Sunset Music & Comedy Fest returns to the Palm Springs Cultural Center! This electrifying event combines hilarious comedy from top-notch comedians with a soulful tribute to a jazz icon. World-renowned musicians and captivating vocalists will grace the stage, promising an evening filled with music, laughter, and community spirit. Don't miss out on this unforgettable experience! Check out the video for a glimpse of the fun we had last year! Plus, we're thrilled to announce that Kandace Springs will be joining us this year, so get ready for an incredible performance. Stay tuned for updates, and mark your calendars!

Let the music wash over you, and laughter lift your spirits with your generous donation. Every contribution sustains this vibrant ecosystem of artistic expression, nurturing the dreams of performers and keeping the stage a beacon of joy. Give $25 to ignite a spark of musical joy, $50 to fuel a thunderous chorus of laughter, $100 to orchestrate a future of harmonious melodies and punchlines, or $1,000 to make the artistic dreams of an underprivileged teen come true! Double your impact this week, and help us keep the music playing and the jokes flowing - donate now!

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