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About Us

Welcome to Sweet Baby J'ai Presents

Sweet Baby J'ai Presents the Palm Springs Sunset Music Series, showcasing some of the best music and comedy in the world--Let's just start there! Experience a diverse range of genres, from jazz and blues to soul, Latin Jazz, world music, and comedy. Rooted in a profound commitment to education, our festival pays homage to jazz masters of the past while joyfully celebrating the future with rising stars.

Driven by artistic fire, our passionate team's core mission is to establish an inclusive space within the performing arts. Here, musicians craft narratives that keep our American heritage alive, while stand-up comedians invite us to reflect on our shared truths through laughter. Through educational programs and performances spotlighting diverse talents, we actively contribute to a more equitable cultural landscape.  Join us as we ignite souls, ensuring the harmonious echoes of our past resonate far into the future.

Beyond the stage, our commitment to inclusivity extends into nurturing future generations of artists. We believe every child deserves the chance to discover the joy of music. Join us in making a difference! Your support, through donations or volunteering, fuels the musical dreams of underprivileged youth through the Sharing Music, Accessing Resources, Transforming Students (SMARTS) initiative, ensuring access to musical instruments for underprivileged students. Become a part of their musical journey – donate today and help amplify the harmonies of tomorrow!

Our events welcome individuals of all ages, sexual orientations, and ethnicities. The Sweet Baby J'ai Presents team guarantees an epic celebration that transcends boundaries. Let loose under the desert stars to sizzling blues, soulful melodies, and side-splitting stand-up at the Palm Springs Sunset Music and Comedy Fest – where unforgettable moments await!

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Meet The Team

Working with the Best Partners

Our partners promote inclusivity, prominently demonstrating unwavering commitment to the arts, culture and education and fostering the future of talented women artists and their allies! 


The Los Angeles Women’s Theatre Project (LAWTP), was founded in 2007 by Playwright Dee Jae Cox and Executive Producer/Songwriter Michele Weiss, as a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit organization in order to address the critical lack of representation that women face in theatre, film and all aspects of the media and Performing Arts.  The LAWTP is dedicated to the education, support, promotion and production of performance projects that are created by women and are of interest and benefit to women. LAWTP is the Fiscal Sponsor for Sweet Baby J'ai Presents. 


When you make a donation, please specify that you would like your contribution to be directed toward Sweet Baby J'ai Presents. Your designation demonstrates your dedication to supporting performances that highlight diverse talents, and in doing so, you actively contribute to fostering a more equitable and inclusive cultural landscape. Thank you for your generosity!

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