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Press Reviews

Sweet Baby J'ai Quartet at LAX Crowne Plaza

by Glenn Mitchell

Jazz Police

Winning Over Tradionalists?

By Mark Saleski

Get On The Train!

By A. Scott Galloway

Urban Network

Number 1 New Jazz Add

By Deb Nicols

KRZA Radio

Sweet Baby J'ai/Introducing J'ai Michel

By Chris Spector

Midwest Record

Introducing J'ai Michel

by John Book

The Run Off Groove

Prove It On Me...This is one delightful gem of an evening

Ma Rainey's, Prove It On Me hit's Hollywood
By Pat Taylor
Tolucan Times

Sweet Baby J'ai at The Vibe at Airtel
By Bob Comden
LA Jazz Scene

By Chris Walker
California & Tour Magazine

Progressive Jazz in 00's

by Don Hammond

Music Now

A Sweet Treat for Jazz Lovers in Tokyo
By Robert L. Miller


Sweet Baby J'ai at the LAX Westin Hotel
By LeRoy Downs
The Jazz Cat

Evolution / Sunset Music
L.N. Magazine

Featured Artist: Sweet Baby J'ai
Jazz Review.Com

Sweet Baby J'ai Offers Vocal Pyrotechnics
Los Angeles Times

Press Quotes

"Award winning, songwriter and chanteuse, Sweet Baby J'ai has become one of Miami's favorite imports.  She takes you down memory lane for an evening of romance."

~ Miami Hearald

"...history, theater and song, from a voice reminisent of the Great Sarah Vaughn.  Sweet Baby J'ai's tribute [Walking Down Memory Lane] is a show you don't want to miss!"

~ Boston Globe

"Her voice is part cream, part honey and all soul...wonderfully original."

~ NY Times

"...extraordinary....a stunning performer."
Jazz Now

" sensational performer."
Durango Herald

"...echoes the great talent of Billie Holiday and Etta James."

~ LN Magazine

"...swinging....powerful....and haunting."
Los Angeles Times

"She was chosen for the cover of our magazine, not only because her voice ranges from elastic and pure to ethereal and earthy, but because she does it all and does it all beautifully."

~ Provincetown Magazine

"It isn't often that a record so completely captures my attention...I'm reporting this cd as Number 1.  That's a promise, not a projection."

~ KRZA Program Director

"5 of out 5 stars!"

~ Arts & Entertainment

"This super talented lady is going places.  Get on the train!"

~ Urban Network

I'd probably fit Sweet Baby J'ai somewhere between Chante Moore, Oleta Adams, and Anita Baker. If you find their voices to be appealing, you'll definitely find a way to bring J'ai Michel's music into your home.  

~ The Run Off Groove

"Sweet Baby J'ai channels attitude, a riveting stage presence, and a voice that fondles, wheels, and wrings out the blues. If there were a Mensa for singers, she'd be a member. "

"Sweet Baby J'ai gives you a flawless performance! A strong actress and a spine tingling soulful vocalist..."
Tolucan Times

"A powerful young performer blessed with Lena Horne's biting enunciation, J'ai sometimes sounds as pure and creamy as Ann Hampton Calloway, other times embraces the earthy integrity of Nina Simone."
The Jazz Times

"Sweet Baby J'ai wowed the celebrants with her sweet, soulful, spellbinding voice, commanding stage presence, and versatile performances with differing musical instruments. She was truly the consummate Diva".
The Messenger

"In Los Angeles, we have one singer in particular who seems destined for greatness, Sweet Baby J'ai. I advise all jazz and blues fans to go out of their way to see haer in concert."
Music Connection Magazine

"Music lovers will be hard pressed to determine if Sweet Baby J'ai is a jazz or blues singer - she does both with great aplomb. Her voice is part cream, part honey and all soul....Baby J'ai is definitely a rising star."
NY Times

"Sweet Baby J'ai's mixture of musical styles was mesmerizing...there's no doubt the `being real' is what makes this unique performer one of a kind."
Blues and Soul Magazine

"With an amazing voice-fresh and classic-Sweet Baby J'ai grooves and her infectious personality and realness come through as she shares her love of jazz and blues in all its forms."
OC Weekly

"The adjective `charisma' has become a cliche-unfortunately, because in J'ai's case it's true. Sweet Baby J'ai is one reason the resurgence of interest in the jazz/blues erais not likely to die down. Bravo!"
Frontiers Magazine

"Sweet Baby J'ai has a fine, elastic, evocative voice and bursts about the stage with energy and sensuality."
The Oregonian

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